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Borrowing private money without review

You would only have it as a private individual, you want to borrow money but you have a negative bank registration. Fortunately, there is still a way out, because you can borrow money as a private individual without bank testing,

Such a credit is of course not comparable with a ‘normal loan’ such as a revolving credit or a personal loan, as a bank test is always performed. A possible listing there then gets a hefty mark on the bill because it is an important reason for rejection.

Borrowing Private Money Without bank Review

There is a big difference between private and business loans. Firstly, a private loan is registered with the bank and a business application and loan are not. Secondly, there are totally different rules for applying, and finally the use of the amount is very different.

Individuals borrow for a vacation, for a car, for a renovation, or for buying a house, while for business borrowing you need to think about purchasing equipment and renting business space.

Lenders without bank verification

There are a number of lenders active in the Netherlands who do not apply for a bank review when applying for a small loan, so you can qualify for borrowing a modest amount. You have to think of an amount that starts at 100 euros, with a maximum of around 1500 euros. Only private individuals can make use of this, borrowing for entrepreneurs is handled by other companies.

Why privately borrow

The concept of borrowing private money without bank naturally also creates some confusion, you can think that you mean to borrow money from a private individual. This is of course possible if you can go to family or friends, after all it is the cheapest solution to arrange it this way. You could also ask your employer if he or she is willing to give you an advance on your salary.

You actually do the same with taking out a mini loan or mini credit, but you do pay costs and interest, and you may not have to pay this to your employer.
But with the term described above, we actually assume that you want to take out a loan as a private individual. I will explain to you how you can do this.

Apply for a mini loan

If you are in the unfortunate position that you cannot borrow because of an earlier payment delay, then you are dependent on a mini loan, also known as mini credit. Here you can borrow a modest amount for a short period, you should actually see it as an advance on your salary.

You can request a mini loan from 100 euros. But beware, you must pay it back quickly within a maximum of 2 times, the maximum period set for this is currently 62 days.

Borrowing money without bank applies to the following amounts: € 100, € 200, € 300, € 400, € 500, € 600, € 700, € 800, € 900, € 1000, € 1100, € 1200, € 1300, € 1400 and € 1500.

What can I use a mini credit for

It may be that you suddenly come across a bill that should have already been paid, in such a case a mini loan can be a solution. But you can also temporarily be short of cash. You have to do groceries or fill up the car, or you have an expense to do that you didn’t expect.

Something has to be repaired that cannot wait, or there may be expensive days at the door where you have to buy everything. In such cases, private individuals can borrow money without offering a bank solution. Even if you go on holiday and want some extra pocket money it is a great solution.

How to make money fast

Knowing how to raise money quickly may be what is missing for the realization of your dreams! Learn Now!

Gathering money is essential to realize dreams and make your plans a reality. To create this habit, one does not have to give up all the pleasures of life, but rather learn to think in the medium and long term. To accomplish your desires, some lifestyle changes are necessary. Learn how to raise money quickly:

Have goals


One of the biggest motivations for joining money quickly is to have a goal. Taking a trip, buying an apartment or changing the car are some of the desires that can greatly contribute to make the habit of saving reality. Choose a goal, set the time you would like or reach you and the amount needed to fulfill your dream. From there, it is start to raise money to accomplish this goal within stipulated time.

Know your expenses

Know your expenses

Want to learn how to raise money? For this it is important to understand, first of all, what your income and principal expenses are. Bet on the use of financial software to evaluate the current situation of your finances. Do you spend more than you earn? Is there anything left at the end of the month? Where’s the paycheck going? Those who know their spending are more likely to decide where they can cut the excesses in the budget.

Cut expenses

Cut expenses

There is no way: anyone who wants to raise money quickly needs to cut costs. This does not mean that you have to end leisure in your life, but just change some habits in the name of a larger goal, be it a trip or simply have financial security. Start the cuts for the small expenses that, at the end of the month, can make a difference, like coffee after lunch, snacks on the street, sweets etc. Then leave for the excesses and unnecessary expenses, like the signature of the newspaper that you almost never read and the gym you will never will.

Do not share your purchases

The installment of purchases is one of the great enemies of those who seek to raise money quickly. By dividing the value of a good, you commit the budget for months on end, not to mention that, depending on the number of installments, you may still have to bear interest that makes the purchase even more expensive. The best option is to wait, raise money to buy what you want, and, of course, negotiate to cash discount.

Escape impulse shopping

Escape impulse shopping

Gathering money requires discipline. Even if you do not save a lot on a monthly basis, it is important to save at least part of your salary. Impulse shopping should be avoided because you can put all the effort to waste, causing you to spend what you have saved. Before you take out the card, stop and think if you really need that product or service.

Bet on the DIY Wave

Joining the Do It Yourself or Do It Yourself Movement, rather than a fad, is a tailor-made attitude for those who want to get together quickly. Want to do your nails? Awaken the manicure you have in you instead of spending in the salon. Need to paint the walls of the house? Call your friends and make a joint effort to save the money you would spend with the painter. Even small, these changes in everyday life represent significant savings in the domestic budget.

What are you waiting for to start putting together money and realizing your dreams?